I’m a passionate software engineer of Swiss origin now living in Perth, WA.

Personal Interests


Creativity and occasional frustration in perfect balance.

Traveling & Linguistics

Not only code but also natural languages get me excited.

Aviation & Space Exploration

Closely following NASA and SpaceX launches and missions.


Helvetas Horticulture System
Helvetas Horticulture Systemmore_vert

Streamline humanitarian aid for farmers in remote regions of Nepal using modern tech.

#android #java #csharp #sqlserver #restful

Helvetas Horticulture Systemclose

The aim of this project is streamlining humanitarian aid efforts for Nepali farmers living in remote villages by allowing them to request help using accessible, low-cost Android hardware. Following a strictly generic design philosophy, the system consists of the Android app, a backing ticketing system for managing requests for help, and a back-end server system combined with an extensible knowledge base. System is in active use in Nepal’s remote regions.


A lightweight, easy-to-use, and straightforward PHP caching library.

#psr-16 #cache-storage


LiteCache is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and PSR-16 compliant caching library for PHP 7.0+ that tries to utilize PHP’s built in caching mechanisms. Advanced caching systems such as Memcached are often not available on low-cost hosting providers. However, code/opcode caching is normally enabled to speed up execution. LiteCache leverages this functionality by generating *.php files for cached objects which are then optimized and cached by the execution environment.

Full API docs available.

Rebounce Online
Rebounce Onlinemore_vert

A web service providing open endpoints for testing restful functionality.

#webservice #restful #devtool

Rebounce Onlineclose

Rebounce Online is a web service that provides a number of useful open endpoints for testing restful services. This is a dev tool aimed at developers who want to find out how their app behaves under different scenarios in terms of HTTP-based API calls.

$ curl -L rebounce.online/api/time

Online Quiz | Gamification
Online Quiz | Gamificationmore_vert

Increase user perception and engagement by the means of gamification and multiplayer mode.

#php #mysql #html #css #javascript

Online Quiz | Gamificationclose

The goal of this project was to improve and extend an existing Online Quiz Portal intended for use at educational institutions. Tasks included security improvements, MVC refactoring, and implementation of an interactive, multiplayer-capable real-time challenge mode. A sophisticated gamification approach was introduced featuring stats and achievements.

Dynamic Lexer
Dynamic Lexermore_vert

Dynamic lexer library for PHP featuring a fluid interface.

#lexer-generator #parsing #syntax

Dynamic Lexerclose

DynLex is an easy-to-use library for PHP that provides the functionality to create and use dynamically configurable lexers accessed via a fluid interface. A few examples illustrate potential usages.

Full API docs available.

Memory Allocator
Memory Allocatormore_vert

Composable template-based header-only memory allocator for C++.

#cpp11 #malloc #composable

Memory Allocatorclose

This template-based header-only library for C++ 11 implements several composable memory allocation strategies with the goal of enabling the user to tailor memory allocation for a specific problem. The idea is partially based on Andrei Alexandrescu’s excellent talk.

“Dividing problems into smaller ones is the underlying difficulty, the rest is a piece of cake!”

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